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How to Create Great Sounding Recordings at Home

Tips for Getting Pro Quality Sound

Recording at home can be challenging for many different reasons.  With a little knowledge you can get professional quality in your own home.  Taking a little extra time to ensure you are capturing clean recordings can make a huge difference in the final product once the song is mixed and mastered.  Check out the full article for tips on things to consider tweaking and changing in your home recordings to get a better recording.

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5 Best Interfaces for Recording at Home

Quality for Every Level of Home Studios

Most producers, artists, and audio engineers get their start by recording themselves at home.  And in their first few attempts it’s usually using some really terrible, cheap equipment.  Eventually the realization is made that with a small investment in better quality gear, the sound quality can be improved greatly, and thus begins the snowball effect of always wanting more and better equipment for the studio.  The audio interface is a very important part of the quality of your recordings.  Check out the full article for some recommendations I have for home studios and budgets of all sizes.  

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The Top 10 Cities for Full-Time Songwriters

Are you a full time songwriter or want to be? Check out this article from CD Baby on the best cities to live in as a professional songwriter!

Check out this article by Brett Newski at CD Baby for a list of cities to help you find new touring markets, locate potential co-writing opportunities, and possibly a new home as a songwriter!


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