Who we are, how we do it

Hello. We are Mack and Wyatt. We’ve been mixing songs for a while now.. a long while. We’ve earned GRAMMY Certifications and countless RIAA Platinum and Gold awards for our work - and now we want to mix for you.

At urmixd.com, we're leveling the playing field for independent artists worldwide by making professional quality mixing affordable and readily accessible to everyone.

Submit your song to urmixd.com with a simple drag¬ and¬ drop of the folder containing your song's Stems*, upload your Pro Tools session, or throw in your .wav file (if you’re mastering with us), and we will deliver radio¬-ready, professional quality sound directly to you. (Remember to include the latest bounce of your jam so we can hear where you’re at with it!) It’s that simple.

Let's rock.